Unveiling The Mystery: Who Are Survivalists?

Survivalists are individuals who prepare themselves and their families for emergencies, disasters or unexpected events that may disrupt their daily lives. These people often acquire skills and knowledge in activities such as hunting, fishing, gardening, self-defense, and first aid. The survivalist mentality can be seen as a way of life focused on being prepared for anything that could potentially threaten one’s safety and security. In the face of increasing natural disasters or global crises, more individuals are gravitating towards this lifestyle to protect themselves and their loved ones. This article will delve into what it means to be a survivalist and how they prepare themselves for any scenario.

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Survivalists, also known as preppers, are people who believe in being prepared for any potential disaster or emergency situation. They prepare themselves by stockpiling food, water, and other necessities to ensure they can survive in case of a disaster. In this article, we will delve deeper into the world of survivalists and uncover who they really are.

Who are Survivalists?

1. Survivalists come from all walks of life

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Despite popular misconception that survivalists are extremists living off the grid, truth is far from that. They come from all socio-economic backgrounds and ages.

2. They’re preparing for the worst-case scenario

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While some may prepare only for minor disasters like a power outage or snowstorm, many go all out to prepare themselves for major catastrophes like natural calamities or civil unrest.

3. Survivalism is a lifestyle

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For most survivalists, being prepared isn’t just a hobby; it’s a way of life. Many invest time and money into learning practical skills such as self-defense tactics, medical training and wilderness survival techniques.

4. A sense of community binds them together

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With frequent meetups and forums dedicated to sharing resources and knowledge, survivalists have their own tight knit community.

5. Preparing for tomorrow

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The ultimate goal of any prepper is to ensure their family’s safety during an unexpected event like societal collapse or natural disaster.


The American Red Cross recommends having enough supplies to sustain oneself for 72 hours in an emergency situation but according to National Geographic Doomsday Preppers show survey conducted in 2012 revealed that around 41 percent viewers felt that event which results in destruction of modern civilization was imminent within their lifetime so there has been significant increase since then.
In conclusion it’s safe to say Survivalism has gone mainstream with many people now believing in being prepared for any eventualities which may come their way; Although they’re often misunderstood and misrepresented, it’s worth understanding their thought process.

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