Unveiling the Filming Locations of Survivalist Season 1

Survivalism has gained popularity in recent years, with shows like “Survivor” and “Naked and Afraid” showcasing individuals testing their survival skills in extreme environments. One such show is “Survivalist,” which follows a group of people as they navigate the wilderness with minimal resources. But where exactly is this show filmed? In this article, we will explore “Survivalist” Season 1’s filming location and what makes it a challenging environment for survivalists.

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Survivalist Season 1 is an American reality television show that follows ten survivalists as they try to survive alone in the wilderness for a chance to win a grand prize. One of the most fascinating things about the show is its picturesque filming locations set in some of the remotest parts of the United States.

List of Filming Locations:

1. Georgia

გადარჩენილი / The Survivalist ქართულად

The first season of Survivalist was filmed in Georgia, particularly in Chattahoochee National Forest, which spans around 750,000 acres with diverse landscapes and terrain making it perfect for survivalists.

2. Alaska

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The show also features remote territories like Alaska’s Kenai National Wildlife Refuge known for its abundant wildlife and challenging terrain.

3. Montana

Montana Badlands Pictures | Dual Survival | Discovery

Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness area was chosen as another filming location because it offered a variety of topography and was devoid of human activities.

4. Texas

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For the final episodes, Survivalist shifted to South Texas and featured beautiful locations like Pecan Plantation, Possum Kingdom Lake and Lajitas Golf Resort.

The magnificent filming locations featured on Survivalist Season 1 provide a glimpse into America’s natural wonders while also adding depth to the show’s plot-line. From mountainside valleys to rugged terrains, it was clear that this first season had chosen some of the most challenging places on earth to put these survivalists’ skills to test. Whether you are an adventurer or just someone who loves nature’s beauty, unraveling these locations should be on your bucket list!

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