Surviving Armageddon: A Doomsday Preppers Documentary

“Doomsday Preppers” is an American television documentary series that aired on National Geographic Channel showcasing individuals and families who believed in preparing for the end of the world. The show followed people from all walks of life who were determined to survive catastrophic events by stockpiling supplies, fortifying their homes, and honing skills necessary for survival. The show captured attention worldwide due to its unique take on apocalypse preparation and the profiles of different preppers. The viewers got a chance to see what it means to be prepared for emergency situations and how different people approach it in their own ways. This essay will delve deeper into the various themes covered in the “Doomsday Preppers” series, exploring its impact on society’s views towards disaster readiness and survivalism.

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Doomsday preppers are individuals or groups preparing for potential catastrophic events. Preppers take different approaches from stockpiling food, water, and weapons to building bunkers. National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers documentary series explores the lives of preppers and their preparations for various unlikely scenarios.

Subtopic 1: The Psychology behind Prepping
Doomsday prepping is often misinterpreted as paranoia or fear of the end of the world. However, the documentary reveals that many preppers have experienced some kind of crisis in their life that fueled their preparedness behavior. Some have been through natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes while others went through financial hardships or health issues leading them to become aware of their vulnerability and need for self-reliance.

While there is no conclusive evidence on how widespread doomsday prepping is in society, a 2018 study by Statista reported that 21% of American adults surveyed had stockpiled food and supplies in case of an emergency. This suggests that doomsday prepping might be a common practice in the United States.

Subtopic 2: Prepping Categories

There are various categories of doomsday prepping that Doomsday Preppers has showcased over its four seasons. These categories include Natural Disasters, Financial Collapse, Nuclear War, Pandemics, Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), and Solar Flares. Each category requires different types and levels of preparedness.

Prepper Eric Acosta preparing for economic collapse says on season one; “I believe that we’re going to experience hyperinflation in America…The U.S. dollar is going to collapse.” While Jimi Falcon preparing for EMP attack says on season three; “An electromagnetic pulse could happen at any time.”

Subtopic 3: Techniques Used by Preppers

Preparing for a disaster involves more than just having food storage or firearms; it includes finding sustainable ways to survive in the event that emergency services are unavailable. Preppers use a wide range of techniques from survival skills and sustainable living to technology.

Some preppers set up their homesteads, learn how to garden, hunt wildlife and build underground bunkers. Other preppers invest in technologies like solar panels, water filtration systems, and communication devices.

Subtopic 4: Criticisms of Doomsday Prepping
While some people view doomsday prepping as a responsible way of preparing for unexpected events, others criticize it as fear-mongering or unnecessary paranoia. Some experts argue that doomsday scenarios are unlikely or too apocalyptic to prepare for effectively.

Additionally, critics say that stockpiling food and weapons can attract unwanted attention during times of crisis. They also argue that the prepper mindset of every man for himself instead of focusing on collective solutions leaves vulnerable populations unprepared.


National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers documentary series offers a deep insight into the world of doomsday prepping. It explores various types of preparation methods used by individuals and groups based on different scenarios they believe are plausible. While criticisms exist concerning doomsday prepping, it is still apparent that there is a growing number of people taking proactive steps towards preparedness amidst uncertain times.

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