Prepper’s Water Storage: Defining the Right Amount

As a prepper, you already know that having a stockpile of essentials is vital to ensure that you and your loved ones can survive in case of an emergency or disaster. One of the most important items to have in your emergency kit is water. But the question is, how much water should preppers store? The answer may vary depending on different factors like the number of people in your household, the climate in your area, and the type of emergency you’re preparing for. In this article, we’ll explore all these aspects and help you determine how much water you need to store as a prepper.

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Water is an essential resource that is required for human survival. In the case of an emergency, it is crucial to have enough water stored to last for a particular period. Preppers are individuals who prepare themselves and their families for emergencies such as natural disasters or economic collapse. One of the essential aspects of prepping is water storage.


1. The importance of water storage

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Water is crucial not only for drinking but also for various other purposes such as cooking, cleaning, and sanitation. In an emergency situation, access to clean drinking water may become limited or even unavailable.

2. Determine the amount of water needed per person per day

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The general rule is to store at least one gallon of water per person per day. However, this amount may vary depending on location, climate, age group, health conditions, and physical activity.

3. Calculate the number of days needed for storage

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It is recommended to have a minimum two-week supply of water stored in case of emergencies. To calculate the required amount per individual or family unit, multiply the number of people by gallons per day by days required.

4. Storage options

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There are various options available for storing water such as containers made from food-grade material with tight lids and storing it in a cool dark place free from direct sunlight.

5. Maintenance and filtration

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It’s important to maintain regular cleaning and replacing stored water every six months or more often depending on its condition. Water filtration systems like ceramic filters or activated carbon filters can also be used to ensure additional safety.

In summary, preppers must understand that having enough safe drinking water stored should be an essential aspect of any emergency preparedness plan since access to clean drinking water may become limited during these situations. Determining the right amount involves calculating how much each person needs daily based on certain factors like their location and physical activity level then multiplying it by how many days they need water for. Proper storage and maintenance with tight food-grade containers, keeping stored water free from light and heat, can help ensure safe drinking water during emergencies.

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