Preparing for the Worst: Doomsday Preppers in the Time of Covid

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the world as we know it, causing widespread panic and economic downturns. In the face of such an uncertain future, many have turned to Doomsday Prepping in order to prepare for worst-case scenarios. Doomsday Preppers are individuals who believe that a catastrophic event – such as a natural disaster, financial collapse or pandemic – is imminent and that preparation is necessary to survive. With the onset of COVID-19, these preppers have found their beliefs validated and their practices put to the test. This essay explores the experiences of Doomsday Preppers during COVID-19 and how their unique perspective has impacted their preparedness for this crisis.
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Doomsday Preppers During Covid: An Insight on How They are Coping with the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about significant changes in our lives, forcing individuals and communities to adapt to a new normal. However, some people have been better prepared for this eventuality than others – doomsday preppers. These individuals have been preparing for a disaster scenario for years, stockpiling essentials, and honing their survival skills. In this article, we will explore the world of doomsday prepping during Covid-19 and how these individuals are coping with the pandemic.

Doomsday prepping has become more mainstream in recent years, with several TV shows focusing on the subject. According to a 2019 poll by YouGov, 28% of Americans believe that a catastrophic event will occur in their lifetime. This number has likely increased due to the ongoing pandemic. Preppers come from different backgrounds and have different motivations for preparing for disasters; some fear natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes, while others are more concerned about economic collapse or political unrest.

One challenge that doomsday preppers have faced during the pandemic is the difficulty in restocking their supplies. Panic buying during lockdowns caused a surge in demand for essentials such as toilet paper, canned goods, and hand sanitizers, making it challenging to purchase them even online. While many preppers already had well-stocked pantries, they still had to find innovative ways to obtain necessary items that were running low due to supply chain disruptions.

Another challenge doomsday preppers face is managing social distancing while maintaining their preparations. Community plays an essential role in most survival scenarios after disasters; however, social distancing restricts interaction with others outside one’s household significantly. Prepper groups cannot hold meetings or participate in emergency response training programs as they used to before Covid-19.

Despite these challenges, many doomsday preppers have found ways to adapt to the pandemic and are using their skills for the greater good. Some preppers have donated supplies such as face masks, gloves, and disinfectants to hospitals and emergency services. Others have used their resources to help feed those in need and support local businesses.

Many doomsday preppers see Covid-19 as a wake-up call for those who have not previously thought about disaster preparedness. They believe that being prepared for emergencies is essential in today’s uncertain world. As one prepper noted in an interview with NBC News, “We’re not asking you to build an underground bunker or anything like that, but we should all be prepared when something bad happens.”

In conclusion, doomsday preppers have faced unique challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic but have also shown resilience in adapting to the new normal. Their preparation has allowed them to weather the supply chain disruptions brought about by panic buying while also contributing to community efforts during these trying times. While some may view doomsday prepping as extreme or unnecessary, it is undeniable that being prepared for emergencies is essential in today’s world, where unforeseen disasters can strike at any moment.

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