Astronomers Have Found A Pair Of Surprisingly Gigantic Galaxies An Ocean Of Dark Matter

Astronomers have found a pair of surprisingly gigantic galaxies from the early universe, and one is the most massive galaxy ever seen from when the universe was young. Observations show the pair of big galaxies existed less than 800 million years after the Big Bang, and their size doesn’t conform …


Syrian Army supported by Russian Air Force on offensive in Euphrates valley

Syrian troops are making steadfast advances along the west bank of the Euphrates and ousting Islamic State, the Russian Defense Ministry said. The news comes after a series of major defeats for the jihadists, close to being wiped out in eastern Syria. The Russian Defense Ministry said on Thursday that …


NUCLEAR TSUNAMI: Russian Bombs Detonated On SeaFloor Could Drown Major U.S. Cities

A former Russian Defense Ministry spokesman recently told the Russian news outlet Komsomolskaya Pravda that Russia had been burying nuclear bombs off the coast of America. Colonel Viktor Baranetz said that the “mole nukes” would be used to trigger a tsunami which could drown major American cities. He went on …