When A Disaster Hits, 99% Of People Are Completely Unprepared: 9 Street Survival Skills Necessary To Navigate a City During a Disaster

Major cities may still only take up a small portion of the land mass in the United States, but they are nevertheless home to over 80% of the population. With this being the case, the odds of being caught in the concrete jungle when disaster strikes are quite high. Of …


Cattails: How To SAFELY Harvest And Eat Nature’s 4-Seasons Survival Plant

A lot has been written about cattails, although the focus often tends to be on warm weather months. But I’ve harvested and eaten this remarkable plant throughout the year. Still, don’t be tempted to yank out a young cattail shoot and start munching away. The cattail may be safe, but …


In A Survival Situation, There Are So Many Things to Take Account Of And Deal With When Your Life’s On The Danger- What to Expect, What to Know, What To Do

If the power grid in your city went offline, what would you do? Probably not reach for the fridge – at least not for too long. In an urban situation, there are so many things to take account of and deal with when your life is on the line. Do …