8 Frugal And Forgotten Ways Your Great Grandparents Made It Through Hard Times

In today’s world, with all the conveniences and luxuries available to us, it can be easy to forget the resourcefulness of our ancestors. Our great grandparents lived through times of economic hardship, war and scarcity. Yet, they still managed to make ends meet by using frugal and forgotten ways that have been passed down from generation to generation. In this article, we will explore eight such methods that our great grandparents used to survive hard times. These tips are not only relevant but also crucial in today’s uncertain economic climate, proving that the wisdom of our forebears is as useful now as it was then.

8 Forgotten Ways Your Great-Grandparents Survived Hard Times | Great …
In today’s world, many of us are living in difficult economic times. There are job losses, inflation, rising cost of living, and much more. However, our great grandparents survived such tough times without the aid of technology and modern conveniences that we take for granted. They were able to make ends meet through their hardworking nature and frugal lifestyles. Here are eight frugal and forgotten ways our great grandparents made it through hard times.

1. Grow Your Own Food

During tough economic times, food becomes scarce and expensive. As a result, our great grandparents had to grow their own food to survive. They would plant vegetables in their gardens or farm animals like chickens for eggs and meat.

Growing your own food is not only cost-effective but also fulfilling as it gives you control over the quality of the produce you consume. Additionally, you can save money by preserving leftovers or canning extra produce from your garden.

2. Repurpose Everything

Our great grandparents never threw anything away; they found ingenious ways to reuse old items around the house. Broken furniture was often fixed rather than discarded, empty tins were used for storage containers, and clothes were remade into new outfits or used as rags.

By repurposing everything that they had available to them, our great grandparents ensured that nothing went to waste while also saving money on new purchases.

3. Make Do with Less

Our great grandparents were experts at making do with less when times got tough. They lived within their means and only purchased items that they needed rather than wanted.

They learned how to make their own soap instead of buying it at the store or using cloth diapers instead of disposable ones. Making do with less allowed them to stretch their resources while still managing to live a comfortable life.

4. DIY Projects

DIY projects were a significant aspect of life during our great grandparents’ era as it helped them save money while still creating a sense of accomplishment. They would knit their own clothes, sew quilts, and build furniture instead of purchasing them.

By doing it themselves, they were able to save money while still maintaining high-quality products.

5. Avoid unnecessary travel

Our great grandparents avoided unnecessary travel to save money while avoiding wasting time and resources on non-essential trips. They would walk or bike whenever possible, rather than driving their cars.

Today, we can also apply this principle by avoiding unnecessary trips by car and using public transport, biking or walking instead. This not only saves money but also contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions.

6. Preserve food

Preserving food was a common practice during our great grandparents’ time as a way to save extra produce for future use. The most common preservation methods were canning or pickling vegetables and fruits.

Today we can preserve food in the same way with modern equipment like dehydrators, vacuum sealers or even freezing food in order to avoid waste as well as reducing our grocery bill.

7. Spend time outdoors

Our great grandparents often spent their free time outdoors instead of spending money on entertainment options like books or movies. They would go fishing or camping with family and friends to enjoy outdoor activities that they loved while also saving money.

Today spending time outdoors is still an affordable way to entertain ourselves while connecting with nature and reducing stress levels that come from the hustle-bustle of modern life.

8. Work hard

Finally, our great grandparents worked hard every day to earn a living and provide for their families during difficult economic times. They often had multiple jobs or worked long hours just to make ends meet.

In today’s world too we might have multiple jobs or work long hours but keeping this little inspiration from our parents inspires us not only keep going but gives us courage in tough times knowing that others did it before us!

In conclusion:

Our great grandparents had many tips for living frugally that are still relevant today. By growing their own food, repurposing everything, making do with less, DIY projects, avoiding unnecessary travel, preserving food, spending time outdoors and working hard they were able to survive tough times with grace and courage. Adopting these strategies today can help us manage our finances while still maintaining a comfortable lifestyle.

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