4 Forgotten Skills That Helped The Native Americans Survive Winter Still Used Today

Most of us head indoors and turn up the furnace when frigid weather hits, stacking in a good supply of wood for the stove or plugging in the old electric throw blanket — and praying that the power doesn’t go out! For the native people of this land, however, they …


The Most Common Skills That Will Come In Handy When Society Collapses

It’s hard to imagine what life is like in Syria, which has torn itself asunder thanks to a punishing civil war that has more factions joining in every month, it seems. If you take a look at recent photos of the country’s major cities, you will see that they have …


10 Best Edible Roots That Can Keep You Alive In A Survival Situation

When hermit monk Brother Simon reappeared at the farmer Farrin’s market after not being seen for seven years, people thought they were seeing a ghost. After realizing that Brother Simon was, in fact, alive and well, people started asking him how he managed to survive completely off grid. “I used …


6 Off-Grid Lessons From Amish Life We All Should Learn

Several years ago we had a week-long power outage in my region. Even though we live in a fairly old-fashioned rural community, panic still set in somewhere around hour 12 of the weather-related disaster. It was summer, a really, really hot summer, with temperatures hitting about 95 degrees before noon. …


The Main Causes For Which Chickens Do Not Make Eggs In The Winter

If you are looking into becoming more self-sufficient, one of the first places you can begin to impact your reliance on our modern systems is in how you get the food you eat. Most of us get our daily bread from the grocery store which as we have pointed out before, …