A Total Collapse Of The Economy Would Throw The Nation Into Utter Chaos: 5 Unexpected Consequences of an Economic Crisis

Numerous economists are warning of great economic crisis to come but few people want to listen to them. Economic crisis is period of shortage in production, marketing and consumption of products and services, can be defined as the wild fluctuations, outside the acceptable limits of change, in the prices or …


Working Vehicle Could Be The Difference Between Life And Death Once An EMP Event Strikes: Five Choices For Your Bug-Out Vehicle

Disasters can happen at any moment and an major EMP event could be catastrophic. The survivors of a major EMP event are going to have to adjust to doing without a lot of technology that we take for granted right now. If the initial chaos that follows the attack continues …


The Safe Room Is Your Final Point Of Retreat, If Someone Brings The Battle to You, You Must Be Prepared, Both Mentally And Physically: How to Create a Safe Room in Your House or Apartment

The homes of many rich, famous people have a secret hidden within them.  Somewhere, in the depths of the home, is a secure room to which the residents can retreat in the event of a home invasion or violent intruder.  A safe room was carved into the original house plan, and many …


90% Of The Population Could Die Within 2 Years Due to The Sudden Lack Of Modern Technology: Are You Prepared For 19th Century Living?

Those that are aware of the EMP commissions report have probably also heard the statement that this type of event would suddenly transport everyone involved back to the 1800’s almost instantly. It is also possible that up to 90% of the population could die within 2 years due to the …


The Difference Between Urban and Rural Prepping: It’s Up to You to Decide Later On Where You Want to be When SHTF Happens

For most preppers, their dream scenario would include something like a Doomsday Castle or a massive underground living facility. Unfortunately, reality always seems to get in the way, and we must figure out an alternative. So what is the difference between urban and rural prepping? While it’s true, your chances …


7 Important Things You Need When Hunkering Down During SHTF: Essentially Everything You Know Will be Different And Once Society Has Collapsed It Will be No Good Thinking About Preparing Then!

We always talk about bugging out when the SHTF. It’s a necessity with certain disasters. But sometimes, it is best to stay where you are. What happens when there is no need to evacuate where you are? Going out may be dangerous…. then what? Today we’ll focus on just that. …


6 Discreet Weapons You Can Carry Anywhere

If I could, I would carry a firearm everywhere. Unfortunately, it isn’t always an option because it’s illegal to carry into certain places, such as courthouses, police stations, schools. That doesn’t mean that you have to go anywhere unarmed though, and it doesn’t mean anyone needs to know you’re technically armed. There …


9 Places to Find Food After a Collapse of Society- Will You Be Able to Survive When It Happens?

I’m confident that most of you have plenty of food stocked away. Many of you have at least a small vegetable garden, and some of you even have livestock of some sort. That’s great, but what happens during an extended disaster or a total collapse of society? Eventually, your freeze-dried food and canned goods …


5 Best Places In America to ‘Bug Out’ Before Society Collapses

Many people wonder where the safest place to retreat is should a major disaster hit, an economic collapse occur, or the power grid go down for an extended period of time. In truth, there is no singular “safe place” where you are guaranteed to survive no matter what, but there …


How to Be Prepared to Survive A Major Disaster With The Right Emergency Supplies: Essential Emergency Supplies to Survive Any Disaster

Critical Emergency Supplies that Can Save Your Life. Be Prepared to Survive. What are the best emergency supplies to have on hand? How to be prepared to survive a major disaster with the right emergency supplies. Store closures and shortages of food and water are immediate dangers following a catastrophic disaster. …