In Survival Situation, There Are So Many Things to Take Account Of And Deal With When Your Life Is On The Line: The Best Things You Need in Your Survival Backpack


Most people in the world are reactive in emergency situations, very few of those people are actually planning for it and even less are preparing for it in advance.

A survival backpack needs to contain everything you need survive for an indefinite amount of time until civilization can get on its feet again

In this post, we’ll explore the best important survival things you’ll need to help you come out alive on the other end of disaster or should you get lost in the wilderness:


Whether you are a hiker, traveler, hunter, or just want to be prepared for anything, one of the most critical pieces of survival gear you need to own is a reliable survival backpack or better known to survivalists as the bug out backpack.


If you ever do find yourself in a survival situation, we all hope that we would be prepared with the appropriate tools and supplies. However, we can’t plan for everything so if you find yourself stranded and need to make your own makeshift tools, a knife will be one of the first things you should make. A survival knife is handy for cooking, creating shelter, hunting and self-defense when necessary. Even if you are the most self-sufficient, emergency prepared person you should learn to make this essential survival tool.

Compass and Map

The art of reading a map is slowly going the way of the buffalo as GPS units become more and more available. Smart phones, cars, and standard handheld GPS units are all replacing maps at an alarming rate. While using GPS to get where you’re going is great when you have power, what happens in an emergency when there’s no power to operate the GPS units, or worse yet, if something were to happen to the GPS system itself?

Being able to navigate using a compass and map is not only a good skill to have, it could easily save your life in an emergency. While other people wander aimlessly you’ll be able to get a bearing and get yourself to safety.

Reading and using a map and compass isn’t all that difficult, and with some basic instruction you should be well on your way.

First aid kit

Having the right survival first aid kit is an essential part of surviving a disaster. The right first aid supplies can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency situation or disaster. From falls, broken bones, wounds, heart attacks, burns and other conditions, it’s very important to ensure your survival.

Basic survival first aid kits are one of the easiest to put together. The first thing you need to consider when building your first aid kit is you and your family’s needs which include any special or medical condition needs.

Tactical flashlight

A tactical flashlight should be an essential part of your everyday carry kit because–unlike a normal flashlight, which is primarily for illumination–a tactical flashlight has multiple uses that could be vital to your survival.

To say that your normal city life doesn’t need a tactical flashlight is wrong. No one knows what future holds. Blackouts, brownouts, dimly lit streets. You don’t have to be a hunter, or a policeman, or a soldier to benefit from the use of a tactical flashlight. A tactical flashlight will come in handy to anyone in the world.


Whatever situation you find yourself in — whether you’re lost in the wilderness, stuck at home after a natural disaster, or on the move in the aftermath of an EMP, these simple items can help keep you alive.

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