Urban Survival – The Best Urban Survival Tips You Should Know: You Are Either A Prepper Or A Future Victim


In an urban situation, there are so many things to take account of and deal with when your life is on the line.

If SHTF happens and you live in a city or are just there for a short visit, do you have the urban survival skills and knowledge to hunker down and survive? Maybe you’re forced to stay for a couple of days or weeks, do you know how to successfully transverse such an environment?

Urban survival skills differ significantly from wilderness survival skills. You should learn both…

There are a wide range of situations where you might need urban survival skills. This urban survival guide will introduce you to the essentials so you can survive any disaster ranging from personal disasters.Here are 23 survival uses for honey that you didn’t knowabout.

If you are not one of the 80.7% of people who live in an urban environment feel free to share these with anyone you care about who does.

Urban Survival Planning and Preparation

The real survival threat in an urban setting is the sheer number of people fighting over the same resources.

One of the biggest obstacles that keeps individuals and families from doing what’s needed for survival is the feeling of being overwhelmed.

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There is a lot to gather and store, so how do you even get started? It might seem easier to just put it on the backburner and think about it later, but when an emergency comes it will be too late. This guide makes the process of getting prepared much more manageable by having you do a little bit each month. Every step you take will be an improvement over where you were before you took that step. And after you’ve taken enough baby steps, you’ll suddenly realize you’ve reached your goals.

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Find Food and Water

In cities, the number one problem after the SHTF will be a lack of food and water.

Fortunately, there are more places to find food and water around the city than you think…

You can find food in: inside hotels and motels, inside restaurants, retirement homes, at airports and an many other places.

You can find water in: from the local swimming pools, by collecting rainwater,from garden hoses, from rooftops and many other places.

Getting Home

When a disaster strikes, the first thing you’ll want to do is to get home. If have a plan can help put your mind at ease and can help you avoid making bad decisions when your mind may be clouded from stress.

If it’s a long term situation, your home will still be the best first option for a shelter, but if you have to leave you need a plan to escape and know the route to take.

Also, when traveling to and fro, make sure you aren’t being watched or followed. Develop alternative routes to and from your shelter and take a different one every time, no exceptions.

It’s better to look like a threat than a target

If you must choose, it’s better to look like a threat than a target.

In an urban scenario, you are inherently more likely to encounter other people. Some of these people may be aggressive, desperate, or seeking to take advantage of others in the chaos. It is best to deter such advances before they even start by making yourself look like more trouble than it is worth to bother you.

The best way to appear as if you are confident and would make for an unpleasant encounter should someone try to harm you is to actually be confident.

Of course, these are just a few of the urban survival tips you should know.

The most important step is survival, and if you keep your wits about you, and prepare yourself with these steps, you will be ready to cope with just about any urban survival scenario you find yourself in.

Have you ever thought about living without electricity, internet or mobiles? We can guarantee that the majority of our readers can never imagine this kind of scenarios.
However, there are chances that this type of conditions arises in your life due to flooding, tornadoes, draught or even war.
How could you survive in this type of dangerous condition? We believe you should stay prepared by learning the essential skills needed to deal with these disasters, watching this video
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