6 Discreet Weapons You Can Carry Anywhere


If I could, I would carry a firearm everywhere. Unfortunately, it isn’t always an option because it’s illegal to carry into certain places, such as courthouses, police stations, schools.

That doesn’t mean that you have to go anywhere unarmed though, and it doesn’t mean anyone needs to know you’re technically armed.

There are several everyday weapons that won’t draw any attention and can legally be carried everywhere—even through the wonderful TSA screening process.


Everyone has a set of keys and that makes them a great weapon that few attackers would even notice. Placed in the palm of your hand protruding between your fingers, you’ll pack one hell of a punch that would make even Wolverine proud. Aim for soft spots like the eyes, throat, or solar plexus, and your attacker will either drop like a sack of potatoes or flee in search of easier prey.


It may seem like a pain to lug around, but even an empty briefcase can deliver some serious damage; especially the heavy-duty aluminum type. An added benefit is that they can shield you from attacks by edged or blunt weapons, such as knives or baseball bats. Swing hard with a motion similar to a hook punch, aiming for the head, elbows, or knees. If your attacker tries to block, there’s a good chance you’ll break their forearm, preventing them from attacking you again.


Carrying an umbrella is far more common in Seattle, WA than Yuma, AZ, but it’s unlikely to draw much attention no matter where you live. It gives you the ability to stab your attacker or keep them at bay, and it can even be used to parry their blows. Just be sure to invest in a sturdy model.


Even a small two-cell Maglite can be a formidable weapon when used to strike the temples, nose, or ribs, while the larger 3-cell models, with their substantial size and heft, can easily be used as a baton, striking your attacker’s limbs, or if necessary, their head; even an elderly or weaker person could break bones or render an attacker unconscious, allowing for a safe escape.


How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop? I have no idea, but I do know that a lollipop, when used in the same manner as I described with the keys, produces a devastating weapon. Its cardboard stem is, of course, not as rigid as keys, so your most ideal target is the eyes of your attacker; any harder targets may bend or break the stem leaving you weaponless.


A sturdy metal pen or even a simple wooden pencil plunged into your attacker can end an assault immediately. Excluding the roughly four inches taken up by your grip, you’ve got three or more inches available—ample length to reach vital organs or arteries. You can aim almost anywhere; eyes, torso, inner biceps or thighs to cut major arteries, or even outer areas of the limbs to make muscles useless.

Is there an everyday item you carry when you can’t carry a firearm that I haven’t mentioned? Let me know in the comments below.

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