The Urban, Concrete Jungle Survival Situation, Demands Different Preparations And Skills

Whether you’re unsure of how to plan for a bug out situation because you don’t know where you would bug out to, or you simply prefer the idea of battening down the hatches in your current dwelling to weather whatever catastrophe may strike, urban survival and bugging in are two important …


Practical Skills for Hands On and Preparedness Viability

Most professional worker skills today are hinged with our modern day way of life. The majority of people in the United States generally work in services rather than manufacturing / hands-on. Preparedness for the ‘here and now’ Preparedness for the potential ‘after’ Having practical skills are beneficial for the now …


Social Collapse: During The Massive Collapse, Law And Order Will Break Down

During the time period following a massive social societal collapse, law and order will break down. Some, most, or all of us may be living WROL (without rule of law) the extent of which may depend on where you live. During this time of chaos, an individual will have rights …


Top 10 Healthiest Fermentation Survival Foods

Knowing how to use fermentation to preserve foods can help you survive a long term disaster. Here’s a modern look at an ancient method of survival, and a list of the top 10 healthiest fermentation survival foods. What makes the best survival foods for fermentation and long term storage prior to any emergency? …


The Foundation Of Preparedness Goes Back to The Beginning Of Time: 5 Things the Bible Can Teach Us about Preparedness

While modern society likes to pretend we are somehow more advanced than previous generations, I believe we lack the knowledge, and many of the skills that helped past generations not only survive, but thrive. The foundation of preparedness goes back to the beginning of time; its principles are found throughout …