Every Resource And Every Bit Of Knowledge Is All Part Of The Whole Puzzle And We All Must Play Our Part To Insure All Of The Pieces Fall Into Their Proper Place


Those that understand the mounting chaos around us know that something must be done, but what? Everyone knows they need to do something and want to do something, but what exactly is that something comprised of? Many people are now searching for that answer by talking to others and surfing the net hoping to find that elusive piece of information.

In the dark days ahead, everyone will have a role to play. It may be understood at this time or it may still be elusive but when the time comes for action everyone will respond in their own way. Everyone has certain skills or knowledge or resources that will be called on at some point in the future to save what we hold so dear.

To understand what role you will play and what you must do, each person will have to look inward and determine what their role will be. It may be through prayer, meditation or whatever you do to inspire creative thought when you have problems to solve, but it is an answer we each must find ourselves.

When the time comes, you may need to utilize the soldier skills you know so well, or you may need to share the special knowledge you are privy to, or you may need to support those that are actively engaged in resistance with intelligence or supplies. Only you know what you have to offer to affect future events. It is for each person to discover what their role will be and then you will know what to do.

For this reason, you will not find the answer out there that tells you in a clear voice what to do. Those that are now preparing are doing so in their own special ways and that is how it is meant to be. Everyone will have something to offer when the time comes. Some people are doing their part today by demonstrating, some are writing and coordinating with others and some are stocking up and acquiring skills that will be needed.

For those that are waiting for someone to tell them where to go or what actions to take now to make a difference, just give it some time and reflect on what I’ve said and then determine the course of action that is right for you at this time. There is a time and a place for everything. The lack of public outcry at this time may be for good reason. We cannot second guess events, only prepare to react to them when the time is right. The time for action may come at different times for different people and by different means.

All we can do is place our trust in providence and take what comes the best that we can. For those that do not believe in God, that is a personal choice, but keep this in mind. You can ignore God, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring God. That is a lesson this nation is about to learn in a very hard way.

Everyone should prepare now as they feel necessary and by the means they are comfortable with. Every person, every resource and every bit of knowledge is all part of the whole puzzle and we all must play our part to insure all of the pieces fall into their proper place. If we fail to do our part, it may be a disaster we won’t live to regret. The diversity of our preparations will be our strength. The indomitable spirit that we carry will get us where we need to go. Our trust in providence will be our shield.

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